Yizhou Lu

Pawssion Pet Boarding

Pawssion presents an interactive experience between owner and pet in a state between solitude and socialization. The design follows the habits of various pets and the way they get along with humans, and develops a series of facilities to guide the interaction between people and pets.

HYbrid Pet Space
Pasadena, CA
34400 ft²

Dog Playground
Cat Cafe
Cat Modular Living Space


Different than the traditional boarding industry, Pawssion achieves the goal of
safety and scientific boarding and socializing with pets without boundaries that
would perfectly solve owners's concerns, and exhibit a kind, responsible, and
professional experience.


Divide the space for cats and dogs, and start
providing a calm and trusting experience while
preventing pets from going to the bathroom indoors.

Reception + Evaluation Space

Dogs will be divided into groups according to their temperaments,
ages, and sizes. In order to establish trust with the dog owner, this
space offers them transparency and visibility.

Modular Living Space

The concept behind the dog space's design was to give dogs
a sand dune-like shape where they could run around without
endangering their paws and joints.There are 14 living modular
faces to the dog outdoor playground, and the movable wall
can divide them into groups to play indoors.

Smart System

The system will alert employees when dogs need a restroom break.
It can also alertthe owner if their pet is experiencing negative emotions.
So they can remotely control the toys to attract their attention.

Dog Park

The dog park will be the location of the weekly nonprofit events.
The activities are meant to increase the neighborhood's customers'
loyalty and boost the company's visibility. The occasions include
dog fashion shows, no-cost training sessions, and pet races.
The owner of the pet will feel connected here and with the pet.

Reception_Cat Space

Cats are territorial animals and love to climb, so the design of the space
focus on vertical layout and creating a comfortable living environment
for individual cats.
Cat Modular Living

In this double-height area, there are 35 cat modular units altogether.
The modular measures 2 by 4 by 6 feet. The living area is at the top,
with the interactive system and feeding on the bottom. The modular
is divided in half by a wall, allowing cats to choose between being
inside a darker area and interacting with passersby.
Cat Cafe

The public is welcome to visit the cat cafe and cat boutique. The cafe
not only provides food for people on the street but also dog owners in
the dog park.

Mammalian nature served as inspiration for the design. All mammals
seek refuge in corners and crevices. In particular, people and cats.
There are eight half-enclosed indivisible spaces on different levels.
Visitors would stay in their own 
territories and interact with house cats.

Kitchen Pop-up

Both the dog owner and the cat owner would eventually go to the pop-up kitchen. Here, emphasis is placed on feeding pets fresh ingredients to meet the needs of various clients. A transparent atmosphere is created by the open kitchen. Pet owners and their pets will feel more dependable and at ease if they can see the ingredients and preparation process up close.

Pawssion Pet Boarding

Pasadena, CA

34400 ft²

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