Yizhou Lu

Baldy Center
Mountain Resort

San Gabriel Mountains

The Baldy Center is an all-season focus resort with the goal of providing a comprehensive mountain experience and amplifying the sporty potential of visitors through unique cuisine, inspirational interaction, and professional consultation. It aims to help people who are engaging in mountain sports and common visitors explore the adventure and enjoy their journey with friends and family.

Fine Dining
Retail Store


The form design was inspired by the shape of Baldy Peak, which maximizes available space, provides visitors with a convenient experience, and allows them to see breathtaking views in all directions. The three entrances' locations also take the needs of the various visitors into consideration. Thanks to the unique materials Nevaples give people opportunity to do sports all year round on the rooftop, through the top opening, the skilled bikers and skiers were able to go uphill and downhill.

Fine Dining

It has 24 seats. The majority of the materials used here
are wood and rocks, which can give the area a native feel.
Visitors would observe a warm and a cool tone mixed
together, which could represent the mountain's rapidly
changing weather and provide a suitable tone in both
the winter and the summer.


Mountain Cuisine

First, visitors would check in, then go to the main dining
area after viewing the daily selected fresh ingredients on
the wooden plate. Because rocky mountain and baldy
mountain creatures are similar, Chef Jered will serve visitors
local rocky mountain cuisine. His menu is exclusively composed
of ingredients he finds on the mountain.


The lounge is connected to the cafe; this comfortable area is for both
regular guests to stay longer and for people who participate in sports to
warm up before their adventure. The pink terrazzo floor is an attempt
to emphasize the energetic feeling, and the lower section is an attempt
to maximize the use of space under the ceiling. The seating fixture was
inspired by the curving movement in snow sports, and this is a great
viewing spot for guests to watch other skiers on the slopes as as participate.

Retail Space

Visitors would experience a sense of energy thanks to
the retail space's high-contrast color scheme and dynamic
material selection. The display area attempts to achieve the
flexible setup goal. In the winter, Atomic will offer equipment
for winter sports; in the summer, the product will shift to a
focus on hiking and mountain biking.  

Smart Gear Rental

People can feel the precise mechanics and benefit from the
quick rental service here. Going to the check-in area and
entering your information will allow the system to identify the
best gear for you. After that, you can skip the lines and pick up
your gear from the conveyer belt.

Casual Dining

This area is directly connected to the slopes and uses durable
materials and bright led lights to guide visitors in. The food pop-up
will primarily focus on to-go lunch boxes for hikers and bikers in the
summer. For skiers and snowboarders who don't want to wear heavy
snow boots on the floor, they can ski through the pickup area and
enjoy their quick meal anywhere. 

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